Salish Wind Ventures Ltd. is a Canadian company aiming to become a thriving marketplace which provides a comprehensive variety of sensible goods to complement your lifestyle needs. We research and source quality goods from all over the world for delivery to your doorstep - a package that comes with honest service, quality assurance, and competitive pricing, within reach to even the remotest communities of Canada. 

As long time customers in the Asian, European, and North American markets, we understand the many frustrations that occur with online buying. Our webpage,  Glacier Trade strives to make things simple by being up front with merchandise information and images, shipping times, and final pricing with fixed shipping rates. When there are problems, we are here to do more than help you out. We think like you do and want to make sure you get exactly what you purchased.

As long time entrepreneurs behind the name, Salish Wind Ventures Ltd. encourages other like-minded entrepreneurs to join a marketplace of honesty, quality, and equal opportunity with the hopes that we can help grow your business into something amazing. If you are interested in starting out and are committed towards growing your business through a solid portfolio of quality goods, the Glacier Trade marketplace is an easy and straightforward way to get going.