Due to the nature of the mineral, each item in our Limited Edition Glacier Trade Gifts varies in size. Item may not be as pictured.

3-5 Miners on Quartz Clusters




    Hand-made in Canada by our in-house artisan. Each piece is unique and designed to complement the natural contours and beauty of the quartz cluster. These mining scenes on quartz make great gifts and conversation pieces for men and women alike.

    Canada's mining history is a story of discovery, dreams and adventure. Surviving harsh conditions, prospectors were true Canadian pioneers. they weathered the elements in search of precious resources. Their determination and courage led them to new frontiers. Communities all across the Canadian landscape have been built upon mining and exploration activities. This history is woven into the fabric of our nation.

    Even though quartz makes up a third of the earth's crust, there are only ten regions where top quality crystals justify extraction and Canada is one of them! Quartz was once thought to be solidified light.

    Miners on quartz are priced based on both the weight of the quartz cluster and the number of miners. This item will be a.